Without Warning (1980)

5 Things:

(1) This is a precursor to Predator and the actor who plays the alien in this film (Kevin Peter Hall) also ended up playing the predator.

(2) It has Martin Landau. Insane Martin Landau. The best Martin Landau.

(3) The alien in this film was created by Greg Cannom, a special effects artist who went on to work on Jurassic Park, Hook, and Titanic.

(4) It’s a legitimately scary film and was a staple of late night TV in the eighties.

(5) This was a “lost film” for many years, not seeing a proper DVD release until very recently. Shout Factory, who always give genre films the attention they deserve, has released a double disc release with commentary from the director and an interview with Greg Cannom, amongst other great special features.