About Snowblood Cinema

Snowblood Cinema is a blog about genre cinema and pop culture written by Al Stech. I spend entirely too much time at the movies and it’s a small wonder that I’m able to see in conditions with reasonable amounts of light anymore.

I especially love traditionally unloved films and genre films such as horror, sci-fi, martial arts, and exploitation films. I believe that a film with a big heart can easily be better than a film with a big budget. I hope that over time Snowblood Cinema covers the broad range of films that I’m drawn to.

I also hope that the title of the site didn’t mislead fans of the Lady Snowblood films which are great but not the only focus of this page. Living in Winnipeg, I see a lot of snow, and being a fan of the horror genre, I see a lot of blood — thus the title.

In the future, I also hope to host screenings of genre films where they can be seen as they are meant to be seen: on a big screen complete with popcorn and sticky floors. I’m also currently working on a book about little known knockoff films based on a certain major motion picture. More on that later as it develops.

I am proudly Canadian, based out of Winnipeg.