Public Service Announcement: DON’T

open_the_window  answer_the_phone be_afraid_of_the_dark eat_my_mother go_in_the_attic go_in_the_house go_in_the_woods look_in_the_basement look_now


A lot of these are actually great movies:

Don’t Look Now is a classic that every genre fan should see.

Don’t Torture A Duckling is essential giallo from Lucio Fulci.

Don’t Open The Window is another title for Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, one of the best zombie films ever.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is one of the best made for TV horror films from the 70s (and remade in 2010).

Don’t Go In The House is often overlooked but is actually a good study of a troubled mind and has some really intense scenes (involving fire).

As for the rest … don’t.

(Last word to Edgar Wright)