Gangster Rock!

Ladies and Gentlemen, some slasher power pop for you:

This is from Graduation Day, an under appreciated, fun slasher from 1981.

grad day

A few reasons you should check it out:

(1) the prevalence of green and yellow short shorts, on both the male and female cast

(2) the presence of Linnea Quigley

(3) brooding Christopher George

(4) Vanna White!

(5) a recent Blu-Ray release from Vinegar Syndrome

Also as an aside if you watch this whole clip: it appears that poor Linnea is confronted by the madman sometime in the evening at the dance, is chased all night long and into the morning (because it turns very much into the daytime) and then through until the next night (because it’s dark again at the end). No wonder she eventually released a horror workout tape.