Poster Freak: Killer Force (1976)


(aka The Diamond Mercenaries)

This is a fantastic one sheet.

Killer Force is a heist/double-cross film from 1976, directed by Val Guest (who also directed the Hammer classic The Quatermass Xperiment). Obviously it has an impressive cast too. You could make a weekend based around Killer Force, picking some of the best films from the cast to watch each night, leading up to watching Killer Force itself.

There are many great films to choose from that featured the cast, but here are a few choice picks:

For Telly Savalas, take a look at Lisa and the Devil, a swirling and surreal film from Mario Bava starring Savalas and Elke Sommer (and an appearance by the “Bava Bed” that appeared in a bunch of his films). Avoid the House of Exorcism cut of the film though, unless you’re interested in studying how a different cut of the same source material can go so far off the rails.


Nobody will be surprised to hear me recommend Race With The Devil as a go-to Peter Fonda film. In case you’re wondering: no, I will probably never shut up about this film and how much I love it.


Hugh O’Brian appeared in John Wayne’s twilight epic The Shootist. Even though I normally lean toward the spaghetti western, this is the John Wayne western to see if you’re not otherwise a fan — and you’ll be a fan by the time it’s over.


OJ Simpson is a notable asshole, but he did appear in a bunch of great films, including moon landing hoax conspiracy film Capricorn One.


Christopher Lee doesn’t need an introduction but let’s go with The Whip and the Body for this proposed film festival. Directed by Mario Bava in 1963, if you want to experience the difference in themes and tonality between American and European horror film in the 1960s, you could hardly do better. It’s also a stellar entry in Bava’s gothic cannon, arguably only topped by Kill, Baby Kill! but my mind is not made up on this.


As for Maud Adams? She’s Octopussy. You don’t really need to go further than Octopussy to give Maud her due, but she has also appeared in some other great stuff like Rollerball and, with Christopher Lee again, in The Man With The Golden Gun as well.


From there, you’re back to Killer Force, which might as well have been called Killer Cast. Enjoy the films and hang the poster on your wall.