Great Moments in Skeleton Cinema

Peter Cushing Edition

Captain Clegg

Favourite Peter Cushing films:

Horror of Dracula – one of the best Hammer films, period.

The Curse of Frankenstein – if you only watch two Hammer films, watch this one and the previously mentioned. Also you’re depriving yourself of great films if you do this but the choice is yours.

The Skull – a film that really freaked me out, also it’s another great moment in skeleton cinema, at least in part.

Brides of Dracula – another Hammer classic starring Cushing directed by Terence Fisher.

Tales From The Crypt – one of the Amicus horror anthologies with Cushing.

Special mention to Scream and Scream Again which starred Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price. Sadly, Cushing’s parts were inserts. Price has confessed that he never quite understood what the film was about. I have to confess that I’ve never been sure myself.